As members of a growing activist community, we are working to lobby legislators and collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals to promote psychedelic decriminalization, education and community. Collectively, we come with half a century of activism in civil rights and justice reform, and we're taking that to the next level as we advocate for fair, just, and equitable psychedelic legal reform as part of reaffirming our rights to cognitive liberty and personal autonomy.



With the goal of erasing Drug War stigmas around psychedelic plants and other drugs, we are spreading information about the scientific research, as well as social, medical and spiritual benefits of psychedelics. We are also working to disseminate the truth about psychedelics and cognitive liberty and to combat the falsehoods propagated by the War on Drugs.


Community Organizers 

To advance our goals, we're organizing a series of events — talks, parties, and community gatherings — throughout California, New York, and other states, where there's an initiative to decriminalize and organize around these entheogens. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to coordinate or organize in your city. We are a nationally focused organization, aiming to reform psychedelic law in order to promote cognitive liberty, social equity, and access to the medicines. 


Allison Margolin, Founder & CEO

A founding partner at Margolin & Lawrence law firm, Allison was one of the very first attorneys to specialize in cannabis, with a focus on both criminal defense and licensing. She is recognized nationwide as a thought leader on marijuana law and social equity, a leading advocate for cognitive liberty, and an anti-Drug War activist. Allison is a graduate of Harvard Law School. 


Raza Lawrence, Co-Founder 

Raza is a founding partner at Margolin & Lawrence law firm and is widely recognized as a thought leader in cannabis law. He has a background in the protection of civil liberties, which he applies to his practice of business and licensing law, as well as to his activism. 



Aaron Genuth, Director of Outreach

Aaron brings over a decade and a half of experience in organizing and activism, primarily for cannabis causes and individual liberty. He has experience in the fields of education and mental health, as a teacher and counselor, and has also worked in the cannabis industry, including at High Times. In addition to his work with AHA, Aaron is a founding committee member of the New York City Entheogenic Arts Society, and writes about Plant Medicines and Psychedelics for NUGL Magazine.

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