cognitive and individual liberty

The mission of AHA is the recognition, restoration, and protection of cognitive and individual liberty. It is the right of all people to freely determine their own right to think, feel and alter their mind. Our founder, Allison Margolin, has advocated for cognitive liberty and civil rights throughout her career and life. Her 2002 paper 'On The Right To Get High', written at and published by Harvard University, serves as our source text and reference point for cognitive liberty and opposition to the Drug War.


The Drug War and War on Psychedelics are policies intended to target specific communities, movements and individuals. It is our mission to ensure not only that we end them, but that equitable and just policies replace them. For justice to be restored, we need to pursue and implement policies that make up for the harm done - particularly to communities of color - as we work toward changing existing policies and ideas.

Direct action

We believe that direct nonviolent action based on a foundation of communication, community building, and coordination with the goal and intent of confronting and disrupting the disastrous Drug War and other State violations of cognitive and individual liberty will lead us to the legislative victories that are necessary steps toward a better social paradigm. 

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